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Welcome to Coach University

"The expected Return On Investment (ROI) from Coaching is 500%."

Coach University is a resource portal of Maximum Success Coaching and Consulting for coaches and those who are looking to learn more about the coaching industry. We have designed Coach University to reflect a broad range of topics to grow your knowledge and client base as a coach. Consider Coach University your virtual library for the latest topics, research, and guidelines for coaching and branding your business. This site will lead to other coaching organizations and resources across the coaching industry. We hope that you find it a valuable resource to your practice and goals. Please come back and visit us again.

Online Coaching Articles & Magazines

Online Coaching Articles and Magazines provides a wide-range of expert studies, blogs and resources. Under this heading of Coach University you will find key strategies to help your client's achieve goals and live life on purpose. Click any of the links, downloads, and subscriptions to grow your knowledge base as a Coach.

Coach World

Coach World is an informative magazine for coaches provided by the International Coach Federation. Click the link here to view or download the latest copy of ICF Coach World Magazine.

Global Coach Community

Global Coach Community is your access to the international coaching industry. Here you can tap into the resources and expertise of coaching organizations around the globe for further learning and practice.

International Coach Federation

The International Coach Federation is the largest coach monitoring, training, and credentialing organization in the world. The ICF aides Coaches and Coach Trainers to advance their skills and knowledge. They also help govern ethics and morality in the field of coaching.

Coaches Toolkit

Coaches Toolkit section of Coach University is designed to give you FREE access to Coach resources such as forms, "how-to", and training that will make launching your coaching practice easier. You will find documents in pdf, Microsoft, and other formats for use. You will also find links to other sites that provide free services and consultations for coaches.

Free Downloads

Facts and Benefits of Coaching

Get informed on the life and career changing impact of coaching.

Client Background Form

Use this form to identify what to learn about your client's before coaching. You can also use it to create your own background form for life or leadership coaching.

A Guide to SMART Goals

Learn to master the SMART goal concept with this simple guide. You will be on your way to smarter achievement and teaching your clients to have SMART goals.

What Is Coaching?

It's important to know what Coaching is all about. This documents offers a few key pointers to understanding what a coach does and how coaching works. Enjoy!

Professional-Development & Education

Professional-Development & Education of Coach University is focused on equipping coaches to succeed through practical and continual learning. You will find a list of suggestive reading for your coaching skills development and life purpose.

Book List

Co-Active Coaching, (Davis-Black, 2007)

Coaching For Leadership, (John Wiley & Sons, 2006)

Becoming A Professional Life Coach, (W.W.Norton & Company, 2007)

21 Principles of Change "How to Live Happier & More Successful, (Jerrell Beard Sr, Westbow Presss, 2016)

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (Brian Tracy, MJF Books, 2003)

Leaders Compass

Coaches are leaders. Leaders need a compass to remain on a steady pass of growth and success. They need a target to aim for at all times. Leaders Compass will give you insight to improve your leadership through quotes, tips, stories, and resources. Visit this section anytime you are preparing to renew and improve your leader competencies.


"Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. "—Sam Walton

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall." —Stephen Covey




Advanced Solutions

Training means everything to a Professional Coach. The more credentials and knowledge a coach has the better he/she is prepared for the marketplace. Advanced Solutions is designed to offer Coaches opportunities to advance their skills or "sharpen the saw". This section of Coach University provides practical steps, knowledge and opportunities to acquire additional Certification, Assessment Credentials, and more.

Assessment Tools & Websites