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Our Founder

Apostle Jerrell T. Beard, Sr. has over twenty years of spiritual and industry leadership. He is an entrepreneur, church planter, author, coach, mentor, public speaker and overcomer. His academic background includes some Doctorate course completion in Strategic Leadership, a Masters of Divinity, a Master of Organizational Leadership & Coaching, and a Bachelors in Religious Studies from Regent University, VA. He is a Certified Life and Credentialed Professional Coach. Apostle Jerrell Beard has planted three churches and is currently the Founder of New Direction Church International. He is also the President and Founder of New Direction CDC.

As President of Beard Enterprises, he is an entrepreneur of multiple businesses under the Beard Enterprise umbrella including the trademark clothing line Glory Gear, nutrition and marketing consulting of Zeal for Life, Maximum Success Coaching and the Christian Leaders Alliance. Furthermore, he has authored four books with more to come. His upcoming titles 21 Principles of Change and Overcomer's Grace are schedule for release in late 2016. Apostle Jerrell Beard, Sr. has been featured on several mainstream Christian media venues such as TBN, Bobby Jones Gospel, and local radio programs. He can be heard on the inspiration weekly radio program Life Overflowing on 102.1 The Light Nashville or throughout the U.S. using the TuneIn Radio App. Our Founder does everything with "passion". He has over twenty years of marriage to the his wife and Co-Founder, Angela Marie Beard. He has devoted his life to the Kingdom of God and to further the life legacy of others.

Our Purpose

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a multicultural fellowship of economically diverse Christian leaders who recognize the need for spiritual covering, training, and networking. We endeavor to give Christian leaders the much deserved and needed opportunity to fulfill divine calling, excel in Christian leadership, and achieve destiny. We are a membership based organization. Our members enjoy the benefits of spiritual support, mentoring, coaching, wise counsel, ministry recognition, and leadership development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a birthing ground for emerging leaders and transport them into divine purpose and destiny.

About CLA (Christian Leaders Alliance)

CLA parents the anointed through God-centered direction, thereby strengthening leaders through imparting and "iron-sharpening-iron" dynamics. CLA promotes interdependence while encouraging the maintenance of distinct, independent identities. The forum provides networking and relationship-building opportunities with Christian leaders of diverse backgrounds and experience. The CLA is committed to conducting all forms of communication above reproach, with the highest integrity toward another.

Spiritual Covering

Spiritual covering provides guidance, legitimacy, and authority as a church professional for leaders and clergy.

-Apostle Jerrell T. Beard, Sr.-M.DIV., MOL

Spiritual Covering is the next level of membership in CLA for those who choose to be Spiritual Sons & Daughters of Apostle Jerrell T. Beard, Sr. We do not take covenant lightly and neither should you. Pray and seek God's direction. If you are then led to be a part of this dynamic group of leaders, we will be honored to initiate your covenant relationship with Apostle Jerrell Beard, Sr. and CLA today. Spiritual covering is for Pastors (male and female), Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers, Leaders (Christian Organizations).


In alignment with Galatians 6:6, those who become the Spiritual Sons & Daughters commit by partnering to actively support this alliance through tithing (if no active church membership) and/or offering (all Spiritual Sons & Daughters) from personal income each month. Membership to CLA does require an annual induction fee for all participants. The general membership and induction fee is currently $399 a year for churches and organizations.

General Membership and induction fee for individuals is $199 per year for personal spiritual covering and guidance. Membership is renewed each year and can be placed on automatic renewal or by simply completing an updated application each year.

Training & Certification

CLA offers training and certification for Christian Leaders and Clergy. We also offer various skill training that aides members to achieve peak performance, extreme productivity, new skills, improve personal profitability, become servant leaders, and learn self-development. The CLA course completion include Ordination, License, or Certification as Clergy and Teachers. All programs are self-paced, academic, hands-on, web-concentric and semi-annual spiritual two-day modules in Nashville (optional). (All certification and license require up front fees each month. All fees must be paid before any License, Certification, or Ordination is granted.)

Certifications, Terms, & Cost

  1. Teacher Certification Online Program - 12 Month Term @ $600 or $50 per month on our payment plan
  2. Minister License Online Program - 18 Month Term @ $900 or $50 per month on our payment plan
  3. Elder License & Ordination Online Program - 18 Month Term @ $1530 or $85 per month on our payment plan program

CLA provides a academic style, informative, interactive, and fulfilling approach to all certification and license programs. Our trainers/facilitators all have Masters and or Doctorate Degrees as well as years of ministry experience. CLA will give you the best Certification & License experience ever. We offer a liberating and life-changing experience. Please contact the Christian Leaders Alliance at 1-888-885-8232 with your inquiry for more information on cost, course scheduling and application process.

Workshops & Seminars

Leadership and spiritual empowerment workshops are for anyone and are conducted throughout the year to equip Christian leaders with a global worldview and spirit-focused ministry. (Individual fees may apply for workshops and seminars)

Induction Ceremony

Each year CLA conducts its' annual induction ceremony for new and emerging leaders. CLA Induction Ceremony consists of annual certification renewal, empowerment session, lunch/dinner, lapel, and CLA gifts.

CLA Network

The CLA network is designed to offer a variety of resources and partnership to members. Furthermore, it offers preferred seating to all CLA conferences, seminars, and workshops, etc. For more information on becoming a CLA Member, a brochure, or upcoming workshop, seminars, and training, please complete a contact form on our 'contact us' page. You may also email us at or call 1-888-885-8232.