Maximum Success Life Coach Certification

Live Your Passion Empowering Others As a Certified Life Coach | taught by Jerrell Beard, Sr.- Ed.D.(c), MDIV., MOL.
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Maximum Success Life Coach Certification

If you are passionate about seeing others succeed or have a desire to help others in life or leadership, then you may just be a coach. Launch a new career or business by obtaining your Certification with Maximum Success.


Recent studies show that the Return On Investment expected from being coached is over 500%. The National Average hourly rate for career as a Coach is anywhere between $75-$215 per hour.

Maximum Success Life Coach Certification Training Overview


An Effective and Practical Approach to Develop Individuals and Leaders into a Skilled and Transforming Coach


Discover Sustainable Change and Coach Competencies Through the MAX Coach Program:

  • Personal Life Coach Immersion and Sessions
  • Define the Coaching Paradigm
  • Engage Clients from Start-to-Finish
  • Develop the Heart of a Coach
  • Learn, Train, and Administer Coach Competencies to Client Base
  • Learn to Listen in Partnership and Ask More Powerful Questions
  • Develop Healthy Accountability in Authentic Relationships
  • Learn & Model a Coaching Conversation
  • Foster a Coaching Approach to Change and Growth
  • Structure and Nurture a Coaching Relationship with Feedback and Supervision
  • Align Client Strategies & Core Values
  • Understand, Foster, and Articulate the Coaching Funnel
  • Master Client S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Deliver ICF Standard Ethics
  • Structure for Coaching Career or Practice


The MAX LIFE Program is an academic and integrated, 4 week life-changing program designed for those who desire to use coaching abilities either as a professional coach or professionally in their current role. It employs a combination of:

  • Personal transformation into coaching
  • Working with a volunteer clients for immersion into the coach training process
  • Five - ten personal coaching sessions with a peer coach, client and/or coach trainer by phone, Skype, or in person
  • Web-concentric modules
  • Audio teachings
  • Worksheets
  • Exercises


Jerrell Beard, Sr.- Ed.D.(c), MDIV., MOL.
Jerrell Beard, Sr.- Ed.D.(c), MDIV., MOL.
Instructor | Church Planter| TV Host| Certified Coach Trainer | Author | Entrepreneur

Jerrell T. Beard, Sr. is a Serial-Entrepreneur, TV Host, Author, Success Mentor, Coach Trainer, and Church Planter. Coach Jerrell (JT) Beard is pursuing a Doctorate of Leadership at Liberty University. He holds a Masters of Divinity; Masters of Organizational Leadership & Coaching; and Bachelors of Religion from Regent University of Virginia Beach, VA. He is a Master Executive Coach through John Mattone Global, as well as Life and Leadership Coach through LifeForming Institute. 

He has over twenty years of leadership, coaching, and management experience. Coach JT is the President of Beard Enterprises, Inc. whose business services include Christian Leaders Alliance and Maximum Success Consulting. He is the Founder of New Direction Church International & New Direction CDC. He has written and self-published several books including his latest book 21 Principles of Change, How to do What You Keep Putting Off, Turn Every Obstacle into an Opportunity, & Achieve More Success Now.

Other titles include: No Pain No Purpose, Redefining the Christian Leader in You,  The Search “Six Dimensions of Purpose” and Becoming Your Best You.

For further discussion contact Maximum Success at 1-888-885-8232. If you are already enrolled as a student, you can contact the instructor via the virtual classroom discussion board or email at

Course Curriculum

Phase 1 - Week 1
Life Coach Certification Course Syllabus & Overview
Module 1 Day 1 Designing Your Life
Wheel of Life Cycle System
Module 2 Day 2 Defining Your Life Purpose
Student Handout Module 2 Day 2 Revised_Defining Your Life Purpose
Smart Goal Guide Insert
Maximum Success Core Values Sheet
Module 3 Day 3 Defining Coaching and Describing the Process
Defining Coaching and Describing the Process_StudentHandout
Module 4 Day 4 Ethics and the Heart of a Coach_Module
StudentHandout_Ethics_The Heart of a Coach
Module 5 Day 5 Authentic Relationships
StudentHandout_Authentic Relationships
Module 6 Day 6 Active Listening FREE PREVIEW
Active Listening Presentation Student Handout FREE PREVIEW
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Phase 1 Week 2
Week 2 Module 1 Day1 Asking Powerful Questions
StudentHandout_Day1 Powerful Questions
Day 2 Module Learning and Practicing the Growth Model
Week 2 Module 3 Day 3 Mastering Discovery
Week 2 Module 4 Day 4 Identifying Strategies
Module 5 Day5_Healthy Accountability
StudentHandout_Healthy Accountability
Listening Interactive Activity
Powerful Questions Exercise
Powerful Questions Sample
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Phase 2 Week 3
Day 1 Observing, Probing and Sifting
StudentHandout_Observing Probing Sifting Paradigms
Day 2 Principles and Development of Change
StudentHandout_Principles of Change
Day 3 Inside Out Coaching
StudentHandout_Inside Out Coaching
Circle of Support Exercise
Examining The Past Exercise
Creating a Future Vision Exercise
Themes Exercise
Day 4 How to Effectively Motivate As A Coach
How To Effectively Motivate As A Coach Student Handout
Day 5 Stretching and Challenging
Stretching and Challenging Student Handout
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Phase 2 Week 4
Setting Up The Coaching Relationship Module Day -1
Setting Up The Coaching Relationship Student Handout
The Power of Belief Module Day-2
The Power of Belief Student Handout
Writing A Coach Mission Statement Module Day - 3
Writing A Coach or Business Mission Student Handout
Becoming A Profitable Coach Day-4
StudentHandout_Becoming A Profitable Coach
Starting A Coaching Practice Module - Day 5
Starting Your Coaching Practice
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