How to Ask Powerful Questions as a Coach or Professional in Leadership

Powerful Questions for Coaches and Leadership Development | taught by Jerrell Beard, Sr.- MOL, MDIV.

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Welcome to How to Ask Powerful Questions as a Coach or Professional in Leadership! Powerful questions are key to deep discovery, exploration, and SMART strategies. Your clients or staff will be able to depend on your to nurture growth, success, and change by engaging in an extremely powerful conversation.

Asking the right questions can be the difference between client or staff success and failure. Learning the discipline of powerful questions will equip you to:

  • Foster growth and change with others
  • Develop question mastery
  • Shift important conversation toward goal achievement
  • Create relational influence
  • Foster client or staff creativity
  • Harness the power of curiosity
  • Identify creative solutions
  • Improve problem-solving skills in others

Anyone seeking to fostering change, growth, and success in others will gain tremendous insight and skill development through this course. In addition, your performance in leadership, etc. will excel. You will grow from a mode of telling and suggesting to powerfully asking and creative solutions in no time.

Jerrell Beard, Sr.- MOL, MDIV.
Jerrell Beard, Sr.- MOL, MDIV.
Instructor | Church Planter| TV Host| Certified Coach Trainer | Author | Entrepreneur

Jerrell T. Beard, Sr. is a Serial-Entrepreneur, TV Host, Author, Success Mentor, Coach Trainer, and Church Planter. He has over twenty years of leadership, coaching, and management experience. He is the Founder of New Direction Church International & New Direction CDC. Coach JT is also the President of Beard Enterprises, Inc. whose business services include, Jerrell Beard Ministries, Christian Leaders Alliance, Maximum Success Consulting, and Glory Gear, LLC. Coach Jerrell (JT) Beard has Doctorate credits in Strategic Leadership. He holds a Masters of Divinity; Masters of Organizational Leadership & Coaching; and Bachelors of Religion from Regent University of Virginia Beach, VA. He is a Certified Coach Trainer as well as Life and Leadership Coach. He has written and self-published several books including his latest book 21 Principles of Change, How to do What You Keep Putting Off, Turn Every Obstacle into an Opportunity, & Achieve More Success Now.

Other titles are The Search “Six Dimensions of Purpose” and Becoming Your Best You.

Jerrell Beard - MOL, Success Coach, Coach Trainer

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How to Ask Powerful Questions as a Coach or Leadership Professional
Asking Powerful Questions Module
Powerful Questions Module Student Handout
Powerful Questions Exercise
Powerful Questions Sample
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